The People’s Demands is a project which seeks to imagine and articulate a vision of a different Britain. Jointly initiated by trade unions, environmental organisations, and social justice movements, the project will bring together groups from across civil society to create a shared set of demands for a more just and sustainable economy.

Why do we need the People’s Demands?

The UK faces a systemic crisis caused by austerity politics. The redistribution of wealth and power upwards is growing and those at the bottom – the majority – are suffering increasing social pain. Programmes to reduce the carbon intensity of our economy are being rolled back in favour of new fossil fuel exploration in the form of oil and gas. Globally, we are seeing increasing climate violence and unprecedented rates of displacement, as millions flee the furies of chronic poverty, persecution, and war.

Our response requires systemic solutions. We have to catalyse a rapid transformation of the UK’s economy towards an economy of care and regeneration, where everyone has a right to a healthy environment, decent work, and a life of dignity. But making this a reality requires power. The People’s Demands is an attempt to build that power, by bringing disparate movements together around a common agenda.

Our Partners Include: